What is the best vacation spots in Egypt?

What is the best vacation spots in Egypt?


What is the best vacation spots in Egypt? Egypt has many amazing vacation spots you can enjoy it during your

vacation in Egypt here is the best vacation sposts you can enjoy it in Egypt.

if you planning to visit Egypt or planning for vacation in Egypt you should visit these attractions in Egypt

first of all of course the great Pyramids and Sphinx always included in any trips in Egypt.

one of the seven wonders of the world also Cairo the capital of Egypt, Cairo has many sights like
The Egyptian museum and old Cairo Churches one of the oldest in the world .

also you will Visit islamic Cairo visit the old Mosques of Cairo and the old Gates of Cairo.

After that You can go to Upper Egypt to have a Nile cruise it is amazing experience in Egypt

visit luxor city and its sights like Valley of the kings and King Tutankhamon tomb and the karank temple

and luxor temple and stay on board all -inclusive .

on the way while you are sailing you visit the country side of Egypt this also has many temples .

on the banks of the Nile like the temple of Edfu and Komobo temple and the crocodile museum.

numerous, massive crocodiles unwrapped in a glass room.

then reach Asan city with its beautiful Nile and temples and the Nubian village

then have a day trip to Abusimble the legendry temple of king Ramses the great and his wife.

Back to Cairo then you Can have a day trip to Alexanderia city the second Capital of Egypt.

If you have long trip in Egypt and want to relax in resorts in the Red sea you can have couple of Days at Hurghada

or sharm El sheikh in the Red sea it has amazing beaches and coral reefs enjoy diving or Safari

if you looking for adventures in Egypt you can have camping in the white desert

the best desert in the world it has many treasures like the golden valley of the mummies .

what is the best time to visit Egypt?

Egypt has a very good weather and we recommend always to visit Egypt between September till April.

the vacation period in Egypt to Can enjoy many sights and Egypt vacation spots you need about 10 Days.

this enough to explore the best of Egypt and the historic places in Egypt.

what is the budget or the cost for Egypt vacation in Egypt?

you can plan yoour tour to Egypt for 10 days for about 800 USD per person

we are look at Egypt tours travel agency in Egypt we can plan your perfect vacation in Egypt.

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