how to choose the best holiday packages in Egypt?

Most popular holiday packages in Egypt : Find the most popular tour packages in Egypt & Nile cruise

adventures for 7 nights on the great Nile this Egypt trip package is highly recommended for family vacations in Egypt

or honeymoon trips in Egypt we offer you here a Huge discounts on Egypt vacation packages

Our Egypt holiday Packages and Classic Travel packages give you the opportunity to enjoy all that Egypt has to offer.

Enjoy the Pyramids and Cairo , with amazing Nile Cruise Tours from Aswan to Luxor and Back to Aswan in 7 nights .

this an incredible experience in Egypt will allow you to discover the best of Egypt while you are relaxing for 7 nights

on board of luxury Nile cruise full board with 5 stars deluxe service during all your stay .

 Holidays And Travel Packages For Egypt

In this Egypt package you will be escorted by professional guide and all services and transportation

will be in private Style , you will not join any big group it is  a private tour in Egypt.

So  we strongly invite you to join this tour package for your holiday in Egypt.

Cheap Egypt Vacations Packages

Facts about your Egypt package:

Begin a comprehensive journey through this ancient land of Egypt with three nights in the capital city of Cairo. Visit the great sites of the Pyramids of Giza, the Sphinx, Sakkara pyramids the oldest pyramids of Egypt.

You will enjoy  visiting the Egyptian Museum in Cairo & old Bazars with walking tour in Islamic

Cairo enjoy the old streets and the old gates of Cairo.

 Best Tour Packages In Egypt

Then you will fly to Aswan board your Nile cruise for Seven nights in Luxury style on the Nile.

The cruise will include visits to The valley of the kings and the ancient temples in Luxor sail to

Edfu and kombo city and ends at Aswan city after that enjoy private visit to the great temple of Abusimble

then Back to Cairo by flight stay for one or two nights in Cairo then back home

After amazing tour in Egypt you will never forget.

Please if you plan to visit Egypt let us design you the best Affordable luxurious vacation in Egypt

PS: this tour runs all the year and we can customize anything to suites your time and budget

Affordable luxurious vacation in Egypt features:

 Immersion of the ancient Egyptian culture.

Stay on Ultra deluxe nile cruise for seven nights full board

Stay in 5 stars deluxe hotels in Cairo

Discover the best of  Egypt  attractions 

Visit the ancient cities of the Nile in style.

Have vip treatment during all your stay in Egypt

This Affordable luxurious vacation in Egypt will be on budget.

Get inside one of the Pyramids at Giza and get inside many tombs at luxor.

Have a romantic felucca ride at Aswan with the sunset.

Look at Egypt tours



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