Christian Egypt and jordan travel tour

search for Christian Holy Land tours travel packages to Egypt & Jordan see two of the world’s most famous archaeological sites in one tour travel to Egypt & Jordan

Epic Egypt and Jordan religious tour

Egypt and Jordan Biblical tours


Come and join us for this magical & mystical Sacred Journey to Egypt & Jordan. you will visit the great Pyramids of Giza in Egypt; Mt. Sinai, place where Moses received the Ten Commandments and St Katherine’s, the oldest working monastery in the world in Egypt

and home of the Burning The burning bush then move to Jordan

Exploring the magnificent rose-colored city of Petra, recently voted one of the Seven Wonders of the World. The magical desert of Jordan, Wadi Rum, land of Lawrence of Arabia, will be our base for a relaxing & rejuvenating spiritual retreat.

then we will go to the summit of Mt. Nebo, place where Moses stood to behold the Promised Land. We will end our Sacred Journey defying gravity, floating on the waters of the Dead Sea, a profoundly energizing and one of the most beautiful places on earth.

This is the only packages where we will  take you out of Egypt  to Jordan then to the promised land  this is the journey of your life time

join our  holy journey.


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