how to plan a tour to the middle East?


Explore the Middle East the history’s grand epics – a cradle of civilizations

Plan your tours with Middle East’s travel Experts and take advantage of our great value and luxury and cheap holiday packages. Book your unforgettable holidays to Egypt & Jordan, Turkey, Dubai, Morocco can be customized according to your budgets and time.

the travelling to the Middle East is unique experience , imagine you enjoy the Sahara at Morocco and Morocco foods or visiting Petra and Wadi rum in Jordan with visiting to the holy and Biblical places or Shopping in Dubai and enjoying the luxury life and hotels at Dubai.

this additional to Egypt  mother of the history nothing compare to the Nile cruise in Egypt enjoy and explore the ancient cities through the Nile 

or enjoy the the great pyramids and Cairo.

the FAQ for the Middle East travel is ,,, is it safe to travel to the middle East?

the Middle East countries is very safe whatever the news and the gossip

around the conditions over there really you can enjoy one of the best

holiday in your life


Don’t listen to those people who might warn you off travelling on your own to Egypt. With a bit of preparation and decent a sense of humor, you’ll have a fine old time.

we are look at Egypt tours specialized in the Middle East .tours and Egypt.






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